Introduction to International Adoption

This blog post was written by Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator, Meg Montgomery.

As families consider adoption as an option to grow their family any adoption professional would recommend for all options to be considered.  International Adoption is one option that has become increasingly common amongst couples or individuals looking to add a child or children to their family. 

What is International Adoption?

It was really during the post World War II era that families from the United States began adopting children from other countries.  Today it is not surprising if we either know someone or if someone we know knows someone, who has adopted or been adopted Internationally.  Americans have completed hundreds of thousands of international adoptions since it’s conception.  In 2011, U.S. families adopted 9,319 children from other countries.

Over the years the image of International Adoption has changed, as have the regulations and most recently the United States government has implemented the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption with the intention of providing additional protection for all parties to international adoption: birthparents, adoptive children and their families.

Adoption STAR, a Hague Accredited agency, is pleased to say they have placement programs for families interested in adopting from Bulgaria or Hungary.  These Eastern European Countries are both party to the Hague Convention, therefore, it is imperative to work with an accredited agency.

Why choose International Adoption?

Maybe you would like to adopt a child from your family’s country of origin or a country you feel a connection to for another reason, perhaps the wait time feels more predictable for you, or maybe you have friends who have successfully adopted a child from another country.  There are a variety of reasons it might feel like the right fit for your family.  Adoption STAR can explore the possibilities with you and help you determine if one of our country programs are the best fit for you.

Why choose Adoption STAR?

Adoption STAR provides services for families who chose to adopt through their Primary Programs of Hungary or Bulgaria as well as home study services for families who have identified a different Primary Program but are in need of an experienced home study agency.

Adoption STAR is aware that adopting a child from another country almost always means that the adoptive family will have the unique responsibility of parenting a child of another race or culture. 

While studies show that the majority of children adopted internationally do well, as in any situation, there are challenges that must be overcome.   Adoption STAR provides education, support and resources, which will contribute to the overall well-being of the child and family pertinent to each family’s adoption experience.

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