Join An Adoption STAR Committee

Help support Adoption STAR by working cooperatively with any one of a variety of different agency committees!
Adoption STAR believes that clients, the adoption community, and the community-at-large can work together to promote a better understanding of adoption and focus on the best interests of children. Whether you live geographically close or far to one of the agency offices, you can still join a committee or volunteer in another capacity!

Committee involvement will offer you an opportunity to make new friendships, better understand the needs and goals of the agency and feel more connected to the agency. Becoming active with your community and agency is a great way to build great parenting advocacy skills, continuing your relationship with the Adoption STAR family and reap plenty of personal rewards.

Each committee is comprised of at least one staff liaison as well as clients and community members. Below is a brief description of four committees that help to fulfill the mission of the agency. Please contact the agency for further information or to tell us you wish to participate!


Thank you so much for considering this exciting collaboration! E-Mail the contact people listed above or call them at 716-639-3900 to discuss further.