Kindness When It Was Needed Most

A touching story from adoptive parents about a random act of kindness that’s had a lasting impact on their family.

flowers-post-1024x676pp_w665_h439Many Adoption STAR Facebook friends posted shared a recent blog post that’s enough to bring tears to your eyes. Any parent is readily able to relate to much of what’s written in the blog post, as the “tough days” for parents can be pretty disheartening and in some circumstances, embarrassing.

We thought it was important to share the post with all of you, as the thoughtful young woman discussed in the blog post embodies so much of what we all want to celebrate about human kindness this holiday season.

“To the Trader Joe’s Employee Who Noticed My Family in the Parking Lot”

After you’ve read the blog post, we’d encourage you to read a bit more about the fantastic website that is The Mighty: Superheroes Among Us. It might just provide the perfect set up “pick me up” stories that we all need from time to time, especially on days when we’re feeling a little defeated or deflated.

Happy reading!