March is Our Birthday Month

Happy 14th Birthday, Adoption STAR!

Now that we are in 2014 we begin our fifteenth year of operation for Adoption STAR.

So where did it all begin and where are we going?
Take a tour of the areas below and click on the headings to learn more:

happy birthday adoption star

Our History

Adoption STAR, Inc., was authorized as a non-profit New York Sate authorized adoption agency in March of 2000. In 2009, Adoption STAR became licensed in Florida and also achieved substantial COA Hague Accreditation. In 2010 the agency became licensed in Ohio. Adoption STAR has touched thousands of lives and the agency’s commitment to finding children permanent adoptive families is unsurpassed. Not only does Adoption STAR believe that every child deserves a forever family, the agency operates under the belief that “there IS a family for every child.” Thus eliminating the need to temporarily place children within the foster care system and eliminating the need for the “system” to financially support children.

Our Core Values

Counseling & Support; Equality; Education & Advocacy – these core values provide the foundation on which our mission is built.

Our Vision

We will continue to expand and advance our support programs for all throughout every stage of their adoption journey.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission has remained the same since our conception and we continue to assure it is upheld.

Our Founder

Michele Fried may have the title of Founder and CEO, though the title most special to her is “mom”.

Our Staff

The employees of the agency consistently deliver a high level of integrity, confidentiality and personalized attention.

Our Services

The most comprehensive adoption services around ~ from pre-adoption to post-adoption! To receive the most updated statistical information on the agency’s placement programs, please send your request to

Our Philosophy

The Adoption STAR philosophy is to provide highly individualized services to Support, Train, Advocate, and offer Resources to adoptive parents, birth parents and community professionals as they explore the adoption option.

Our Goals

Our goals compliment our vision and mission and continue to guide us.

Our Future

Adoption STAR has always looked to the future. As time goes on you will see Adoption STAR provide more and more post adoption services to those in need. It is also why we are so thrilled to have recently announced the formal opening of Family STAR. Family STAR, a subsidiary of Adoption STAR provides post adoption support services to any member of the adoption triad in need of assistance. Adoption STAR has always espoused that adoption is a lifelong journey, and is therefore a part of someone’s “story” forever, regardless of his or her specific connection to adoption. As a result, Family STAR is committed to offering post adoption education, counseling, referrals, support groups or activities to assist anyone in the community touched by adoption.