Modern Family’s Adoption Story Line

Last week I posted the Modern Family trailer for season 3, which starts tonight at 9 pm on ABC, and here is an article from TV Guide with details on Cam and Mitchel’s adoption story arc.

“We’re going to treat it in a real way,” Executive Producer, Christopher Lloyd, told TV Guide about the adoption story line. “You don’t just decide you want to adopt a baby boy and then rub your hands and it happens. You have to sign up with agencies. The agencies have to come and interview and take a look at the environment the child would be raised in. Often, you have to more or less audition for the birth mother and see how she feels about placing her child with you. We are sort of exploring all of these steps along the way to them actually having a child.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchel on Modern Family, said in the story that he thinks “a lot of people, gay and straight, have to alternate ways to expand their family. There’s a lot to be told in that story. We met them at the peak of their joy, so it’s going to be really nice to see their struggle.”

From the sound of the article, it looks as if the comedy will showcase both the highs and lows of the adoption process this season, and I will be interested to see how everything turns out. What about everyone else?