Modern Family’s Adoption Storyline

Modern Family has always been a favorite of many of the Adoption STAR staff members for the way that it tackles adoption story lines with both humor and realism. Two moments that come to mind are season two’s “Two Monkey’s and a Panda” when Cam and his partner, Mitchel, begin speaking to their daughter, Lilly, about adoption at a young age, and the season 3 finale when Cam and Mitchel think they will be adopting a second child until the birth mothers grandma decides to parent the child at the last minute.

Modern Family beautifully showed the gamut of emotions of the adoption journey in the season 3 finale. The final scene where Cam and Mitchel decide to take a step back from adopting a second time and focus on parenting Lilly felt very realistic.

The big shock at the end of last season was that while Cam and Mitchel were disappointed they weren’t going to adopt again, Gloria found out she was pregnant and now has to tell Jay (Mitchel’s father) that he is going to be a father again in his later years.

A promo video for season 4 of Modern Family was recently released, and while it doesn’t offer any new information, it has me excited for the season to begin on September 26.

Who else is looking forward to Modern Family, what are your favorite parts of the show?