Most common baby names in 2011

The most popular baby names from 2011 were recently released, and the number one boy’s name was Mason and the number one girl’s name was Emma.

Rounding out the top five for boys were:

2. Liam

3. Ethan

4. Noah

5. Jacob

The rest of the top five for girls were:

2. Olivia

3. Sophia

4. Isabella

5. Ava

According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, there are many outside sources that parents use as inspiration for naming their children. The article said that some of these sources this year were the Kardashian family, politicians’ children and Anderson Cooper (who saw both his first and last name get a bump up the list this year due to his new day time TV show.) The article also noted that both Prince William and Princess Kate saw their names get a boost up the list this year after their Royal Wedding.

What influences did you and your family use in choosing names for your children?

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