My Real Family

Guest Blogger, Zenobia, Age 13.

Throughout my 13 years of living I have come across many questions such as… “How many real siblings do you have?” or “Do you get along with your real siblings better?” It’s really hurtful sometimes. All of my siblings are my “real” siblings. Who cares if some are black, gay, or have disabilities. They are all real to me. If I ever tell someone I have a gay brother they look at me like…I’m so sorry. My family is a normal family…okay? Yes I do have five adopted siblings, two of them are black and 3 of them have a disability called Down Syndrome. I also have 3 Biological siblings, and including me we have nine kids in the family. No matter what happens or what is said I wouldn’t ever change a thing.

Some people may say, “How do you deal with people who act like this towards you?” I usually just act dumb, I’ll just say, “What do you mean? All of my siblings are real!” Their usual response will be, “You know what I mean.” But, no I don’t know what you mean! So next time you say something, think about it!

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