Myth: All babies being placed for adoption have health problems

by Alecia Zimmerman

Alecia Zimmerman

1. When anyone ever has a child, no one can truly predict all of the issues a child might have. Having a child is risky business. For better or worse, our genetics play a role in how we develop. Whether or not parents are capable of dealing with health issues is another topic.

2. Most women who are making an adoption plan for their child are getting some sort of prenatal care and following the doctors orders. While there are some women who do not see a doctor, Sue and I talk with them about their families medical history, any risky behaviors they may be engaging in, and any complications from a previous pregnancy (if applicable). We do our best to encourage expectant mothers to see a doctor but it’s their choice to decide what to do. If transportation is the only barrier to accessing prenatal care, Sue and I will take them.

3. Expectant parents care about the health of the child and do what they can to have a healthy baby. Sure, some expectant mothers engage in risky behavior before finding out about the pregnancy and for some people that may be several months. However, many expectant parents try to reduce the risky behaviors and start prenatal care.

Few expectant mothers make an adoption plan because the doctors say the child will have a medical issue. When we do expect health concerns, prospective adoptive parents will be made aware to make sure they are capable and willing to take on any challenges. Every child is adoptable and it’s our job to find parents that can take on the joys and challenges of raising a child with special needs.