Naming your child

Everybody has his or her personal favorite band, whose music they can just listen to over and over again and not get tired of it. Mine is the Beatles, specifically the Sgt. Pepper, White and Abbey Road albums. How does that relate to adoption? Well, since coming to Adoption STAR I’ve found myself thinking about what I will name my first child (despite the fact that I’m in my mid-20’s and children are probably not in my future for at least five years.)

Anyways, I realized a lot of the names I was coming up with had to do with Beatles songs. Sgt. Pepper was already out of the equation, since that was the name of my cat, but the name Jude stuck out in my head. I like the name Jude, it’s an easy name to remember, but also not a name that you hear every day. Plus “Hey Jude” is just a fantastic song.

Will my eventual first child be named Jude? Who knows, maybe I’ll find another band to take the place of the Beatles, but I highly doubt it.

When choosing a name for your child what factors did/will you take into consideration?

Other Beatles name options that didn’t seem to fit:

Mean Mr. Mustard Rubin
Polythene Pam Rubin
Lady Madonna Rubin
Rocky Rubin (Actually, that one has a nice ring to it.)