November Memories Shared

This post was written by Adoption STAR Founder and CEO, Michele Fried

I have always believed that National Adoption Month and Thanksgiving were perfectly placed on the calendar.  How wonderful to bring awareness and celebration to adoption and culminate the month with a time of thanks giving.

At Adoption STAR, we celebrated adoption every day in some special ways, including:

  • – Tweeting ideas to honor the month
  • – hosting a fundraiser for special needs adoption
  • – talking to the media about the importance of the month
  • – attending an adoption conference and speaking to rooms full of people interested in the adoption topics we were addressing
  • – hosting an adoption information night
  • – facilitating an infant wellness class for our staff
  • – buying frosty certificates benefiting adoption at our local Wendy’s
  • – running a hair and skin care class for adoptive families who are parenting Black children
  • – being thankful for the many clients we have been honored to work with
  • – Much, much more

Personally, November is a month of genuine thankfulness.  It is the month I became a mom.  It is a month my husband and I and oldest son fondly refer to as “our anniversary of becoming a family.”  Zack was born in November and we met him in November.  I remember our very first Thanksgiving in that little apartment in Philadelphia.  It was the most important and special Thanksgiving of my life.

This November 20, Zack and I attended the APC Annual Adoption Conference in New York City along with other Adoption STAR social workers.  It is my favorite conference as I enjoy connecting with our professional adoption peers and having the opportunity to meet and educate so many people who come to learn more about adoption and the process.  While “touring” the exhibit hall, I brought Zack to “the adoption agency” that placed him into our home.  I introduced ourselves to the woman who was representing the agency and quickly learned that the founder of the agency and the social worker that placed Zack with us would be at the conference later that day.  First, I could not believe our luck and second, I could not believe that Roberta, our social worker was still around 24 years and 3 days later (our placement day was November 17, 1987.) A short time after, there they were!

We were all so caught in the moment of this really neat reunion that we never even thought to take a photo!   I know it was amazing for Roberta to meet the tiny baby who she helped find a forever family for because I know that feeling myself, after being in the adoption field for 23 years, I too, have had the joy of connecting with young adults who I first met as newborns.

I have been an adoption educator for years and remember the days when I sat as a conference attendee listening to others share their adoption knowledge. I had always hoped to be in that “teaching role,” but never imagined I would stand beside my adult son and co-facilitate.  What a special gift that is for a parent.

I hope your November was just as special!

On behalf of Adoption STAR, please accept our very best wishes to you during this Holiday Season.

Happy Holidays!