NYU and Cornell Tied at top of Adoption-Friendly Workplace Rankings for Colleges and Universities…

And that title is tied for longest in the history of the Adoption STAR Blog.

According to an article in Washington Square News, the two Universities finished tied for first in the education industry in the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption rankings of Adoption-Friendly Workplaces. Cornell and NYU finished number 71 overall according to the article.

The article said that NYU offers a reimbursement of $5,000 for each adoption and $6,000 if the family adopts a child with special needs. As per the Family Medical Leave Act, these parents are also entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. If you have worked at the University for more then two years, the article said that adoptive parents would also be entitled to a paid bonding leave “a period of time for parents to bond with their children – for up to six weeks following the adoption.” Lastly, the article states that full-time staff members are also eligible for workload relief, which “permits one semester of relief from classroom and administrative duties or two semesters of half relief.” It goes on to say that this policy is distinctive to NYU.

We have discussed adoption benefits in the workplace a lot recently. For more information on the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption rankings, you can read this post, and to follow and join the discussion on workplace benefits on the Adoption STAR LinkedIn page, click here.

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