On Choosing to Parent a Child with Special Needs

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Our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomerymeganmontgomery illuminates the realities and love that comes with special needs adoption.

If someone tells you that you will be parenting a child with specific emotional, physical, or behavioral needs – you might feel scared; you might even second-guess whether or not you want to parent at all.

But what you don’t immediately hear is much scarier than that. How your life will be changed forever, how you will feel overwhelmingly blessed as the parent of a child with special needs, and just how much you can love another person.

When I see my daughter I do not see her diagnosis, I see her as herself and the diagnosis is only a part of who she is, she is much more than just that.Adoptive Parent of a Child with Special Needs

Having adopted two children with special needs has changed our lives, only for the better.Adoptive Parent of a Child with Special Needs

Our children needed medical care that China could not provide, but we could… we would learn to love them, and teach them to be lovedAdoptive Parent of a Child with Special Needs

One big difference between parenting a child with special needs who comes to you through adoption and one who is born to you is that the special needs are disclosed to you, this gives parents the opportunity to accept and prepare so you can address head on the need for evaluations and support.

When you decide to parent a child with special needs you will undoubtedly have bigger challenges to overcome than you ever thought possible. But, you will also be parenting a child with unique charm and talent…a child full of promise.

There are joys and challenges in parenting; these are daily reminders of the miracle it is to be given the gift of life.

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