Our Board of Directors

Behind every good non-profit stands a committed (and talented) Board of Directors, and Adoption STAR is no exception!

adoptionstarAdoption STAR is incredibly fortunate to have a Board of Directors that truly believes in the agency’s mission, vision, and values. We wouldn’t be able to provide such extensive amounts of support, training, advocacy and resources – to all members of the adoption triad – without their continued support.

Our board members are truly an integral part of the day-to-day operations of Adoption STAR. Their work includes:

  • Reviewing our mission statement to ensure it is widely understood, adhered to, and shared;
  • Guiding and monitoring the agency’s programs and services;
  • Ensuring effective resource management;
  • Facilitating organizational strategic planning and development.

Keep in mind the aforementioned list is but a snapshot of the work board members complete on Adoption STAR’s behalf. To read more about our board of directors and each of its members, please click on the following link: Please Meet Our Board of Directors