Parenting is Hard Work ~ But the Best Job I Ever Had

Michele FriedFounder & CEO Michele Fried discusses the difficult but joyful responsibilities of being a parent.

I found this article very funny. I read it lightheartedly but I won’t lie, I have found myself wondering if the longest living person was a parent? But I have never wondered if our marriage would be better without children, not at all.

I believe my marriage is richer because of my beautiful family. The fact that we have to work hard to find “quality time as a couple” is all the more exciting as we are reminded that all relationships are work and that we need to value that.

I believe my marriage is stronger because of the challenges we face together as parents.

I believe my marriage is unique because we allow ourselves to laugh!

But let’s face it raising children is hard work and it’s the kind of hard work that equates to sweat and tears. It’s the kind of hard work that makes me wonder how long I will live because you have to breathe to live and I sometimes realize I haven’t taken a breath … yet!

I always wanted to be a mom. Nothing more. Still the favorite title I will ever carry. I remember my own mother telling me how hard parenting was and for the longest time I didn’t believe her. Even first becoming a mommy I thought, hey, I am one of those people who loves feeding her baby no matter the hour (true), give me any dirty diaper and I would take it on, bathing, feeding, consoling, all was so easy until the day our baby had hives! Those hives probably came and went in a matter of minutes…. but the panic! Mine not the babies. The tears. Mine not the babies.

How many tears have you cried wanting a child? I promise you that you will shed more just parenting a child. From the typical milestones they set, for you as the parent, are momentous, true gold. Tears! Yes, they may be happy tears, but it is a raw emotion.

From the first immunizations, to the allergic reaction to a new baby food (yes the hives!), to the first projectile vomiting episode (okay one of my kids had that daily!), to each and every ear infection and high temperature, to every “we don’t know why you are crying” episode! Sweat and Tears!

To them growing older and having hurt feelings, to the sad faces, to the day the party invite did not come, to the time the bike crashed, the bruised knees, the bruised ego, the headache that might be a brain tumor (of course it wasn’t and isn’t) to the stomach pain that might be appendicitis (repeat of course it wasn’t and isn’t), to the friend that just stayed friends and nothing more (Phew! Oh, did I say that?) Blood, Sweat and Tears.

To straining your ears listening for the door (not home yet?) To learning to let them make their own choices, to loving them so very much. More Tears.

My mom was right (because mom’s are right, right?) Parenting IS the hardest job ever, but I am honored to have it!

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