Petition for an Adoption PSA From Glee

Last week we wrote about the positive and troubling aspects of the adoption storyline on Glee and now the LA Times is reporting that an adoptive mother, Amber Austin, has created an online petition asking that Glee creates a Public Service Announcement that would “offset…”harmful” inaccuracies in an adoption-based storyline.”

According to the article, Austin said that “the show irresponsibly raises fear for adopted children, that they can be taken away from their families, and that the plot could cause confusion for families who adopt.” The article also said that Austin believes “the story perpetrates one of the most pervasive myths about adoption: that a birth mother can take a child away from a family…”

The adoption storyline has been controversial on Glee and the question is, does the show only have a responsibility to create entertaining television, or do television shows, along with movies and music, have a larger responsibility to educate? We would love to know your thoughts.