Pleading for Birth Certificate Access

A recent news article highlights the variety of reasons why so many adoptees long for the opportunity to secure their original birth certificates.


“I strongly believe that every adopted person should have access to their original birth certificate because it gives them a chance to have a relationship with their birth parents, like I did, or at least know who they are.” – Danika Donatti, Adoptee, Age 18

An article written by Brittany Ruess for the 2/3/16 edition of the Fulton Sun, entitled “Adoption Advocates Plead for Birth Certificate Access,” features a lot of insightful birth certificate access-related comments from adoptees, birth parents, and adoption professionals. The article in question focused specifically on the state of Missouri, as that’s where the newspaper is based. As you may (or many not) know, adoption is primarily governed by state-specific laws. As a result, adoption practice, laws and regulations can vary dramatically from state to state. However, the majority of states do not allow adoptees to access their original birth certificates upon reaching adulthood.

To read the newspaper article in its entirety, please click on this link: “Adoption advocates plead for birth certificate access”