Positive Adoption Terms

It seems like the learning process never ends. As a kid you think you’re done learning after college, but you quickly realize that is far from the case. I was hired at Adoption STAR to be the E-Marketing Coordinator about one month ago and have been learning about the adoption process ever since.

On my first day in the office I was given a packet to read, and on the first page there was a list of “positive” and “unconstructive” adoption terms, which I found very interesting. The reason for using “positive” adoption language is to make sure that children see adoption as a positive event in their life.

At Adoption STAR we feel it is very important to always use the correct terminology, so each week I will take a specific “positive” term along with it’s negative counterpart, and share why it’s so important that we use the correct terminology.

This week we will start with the positive term: My child, and the unconstructive term: Adopted child or own child.

Once you have adopted your child, he or she is yours just like a biological child would be. I was speaking with someone today and they shared that they tell their child “though you didn’t grow in mommy’s tummy, you grew in her heart.”

I think this is a wonderful sentiment, and really hits home the point that whether your child was adopted or biological, they are all your children. There is no need to classify them as adopted or “own.”