Positive Reviews

Two online posts illustrate the positive reputation Adoption STAR has with its adoptive parent clients and adoption professionals.

positive-feedback-female-hand-finger-pushing-button-green-background-30776668Over the course of our 15 (nearly 16) years of existence, Adoption STAR has learned one very important lesson: there are few things more powerful than word of mouth. So many of our adoptive parent clients and birth parent clients have referred family, friends and neighbors to our agency. This speaks volumes, as clients would only be willing to refer others to Adoption STAR if they felt the services they received were both comprehensive and high quality.

Adoptive Families Magazine offers an online experience they call Adoptive Families Circle. Back in July of 2015, someone posted the following question:

“Hi, I live in NYC and am looking for any recommendations on domestic infant adoption agencies I have come across Adoption Star and was wondering if anyone had any positive/negative experiences to share?? Any help would be really appreciated!!! Thank you”

An Adoption STAR client gave a great response to this question. You can view it here: NYC domestic adoption agencies and Adoption Star

An on-line organization called Reach Adoption (www.reachadoption.com) put an article together that listed reputable adoption organizations within the tri-state region – and Adoption STAR is on the list! You can find a link the aforementioned article here: 9 Great Adoption Agencies In The Tri-State Area

Adoption STAR is proud to have secured the accolades that it has, and we look forward to continuing to provide our clients with exceptional adoption-related services.