Pre-Adoption Education

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Pre-Parenthood Adoption Education is a part of the Adoption STAR home study process. These classes are often coined “home study classes.” Pre-Parenthood Adoption Education is open to registered clients of Adoption STAR. These classes will help clients obtain credits toward pre-adoption educational requirements. All clients of the agency are required to obtain at least 40 credits. By participating in the agency’s educational classes, clients can obtain 20 – 30 credits, equaling approximately 11 to 15 classroom hours, while the additional credits can be obtained through various creative ways. A long list of suggestions is provided to clients when they receive their home study packet.

Pre-Parenthood Adoption Education provides the opportunity for the client to discover their strengths, examine the influences in their life, and speculate and dream about the future. Not everyone has thought seriously about themselves as potential parents, specifically potential adoptive parents. Pre-Parenthood Adoption Education allows clients to take a first look at the responsibilities of adoptive parenthood and the ways these responsibilities affect every aspect of their lifestyle. It introduces them to some basic principles of child development, and how they as a parent, can begin sharing their child’s adoption story with him/her.

Many of the skills learned in the Pre-Parenthood Adoption Education curriculum are about feeling comfortable talking about adoption. These skills will be helpful in relationships with other people, not just with the child.

Pre-Parenthood Adoption Education provides an opportunity to think and learn about important aspects in adoption. It allows the client to explore issues and areas of personal feelings when contemplating being an adoptive parent.



This class introduces the importance of developing a comfort level with “talking about adoption” with your significant other, with family members, friends and most importantly, with the child you adopt. This class also identifies when and how to communicate with your adopted child about adoption based on their age and developmental level.



This class explores what you need to know before you accept an adoption referral. What questions should you ask when you hear about a birth mother or a child in need of adoption? This class educates you on what an Apgar score means and what might place a baby at risk for developing special needs. The class also explores alcohol and substance abuse as well as potential genetic issues that may be passed down by the birth family. Additionally the class discusses safe sleeping and crib safety requirements.



This class investigates the benefits of an open adoption and discusses how it affects birth families, adoptive families and adoptees. In addition, this class introduces the various levels of openness in adoption and helps to dispel the myths and fears often associated with the term.



This class examines common identity issues with adoptees and includes a discussion of the issues related to adopting a child who looks different from his/her adoptive parents, even when the child is of the same race. This class also explores adopting a child of a different race and/or culture domestically or internationally.



This class is facilitated by a local adoption attorney affiliated with Adoption STAR. The attorney will explore the legal rights of adoptive parents and birth parents. Domestic, out of state and international adoption laws will be discussed.

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Seeking Parenthood – Coping with Infertility

This class is for women and men who are experiencing (or have experienced) infertility. It offers an opportunity to gain awareness and understanding of your emotional reactions to infertility and to living in a fertile world. The class also provides an opportunity to explore the concept of resolution and life after infertility. This class is free of charge and open to anyone who has experienced recent diagnosis, fertility treatments, and/or pregnancy loss. You do not need to be a client of Adoption STAR to attend. Contact the agency for upcoming dates.

Coping with Infertility – You Are Not Alone

An eight-week professionally led series of classes for couples or individuals at any stage of infertility. The series will provide members with the opportunity to meet others who are experiencing infertility in a safe, supportive atmosphere. With the guidance of a psychologist, members will have the chance to share feelings, exchange ideas and information, learn coping strategies, and receive emotional support. There is a fee for this series. Contact the agency for upcoming dates.

Infertility Support Meeting

Families who have experienced infertility truly understand the rollercoaster of emotions that result. Adoption STAR recognizes that adoption “cures” being childless; it does not “cure” infertility. This support meeting will offer an opportunity to discuss your grief and receive support from others who have also experienced the pain of infertility.

Waiting Families Group

This group provides an opportunity for prospective adoptive families to receive support from one another during their wait to adopt. Families who have successfully adopted after “being in your shoes” will be invited to share their journey in adoption and to offer tips for surviving the wait.

Baby Care Class: Caring for Your Baby

Facilitated by a pediatric Physician’s Assistant, this class focuses on newborn care and is geared specifically to the waiting adoptive parent. This class walks you through diapering, bathing, feeding, safe sleeping, crib safety, car seat information, etc. Though baby care classes are offered elsewhere, none focus on the uniqueness of adoptive parenthood. Adoption STAR has prepared a baby care manual and a class especially for you – the adoptive parent.

Exploring Your Adoption Options

This class provides information on many adoption options in addition to the agency’s traditional adoption program. Information on international adoption, older child adoption, and other domestic adoption avenues including the agency-assisted private adoption track is provided. Open to clients and non-clients of the agency.

Adoption Forum: Getting Your Family Involved in Your Adoption Journey

This class is for our clients who have finished the home study classes. You are invited to bring one or more family member and/or friends with you to learn more about adoption. Now the important people in your life will be introduced to many of the subjects you have already learned about! A panel of adoption professionals will introduce the process that you have gone through to receive a home study, including the classes. The panel will address questions from your family members and friends.

For Adoptive Father’s Only

Men and women handle stress, adoption and parenthood differently. This men-only workshop will seriously and with humor address the gender differences while adopting and parenting.