Queen Latifah Looking to Adopt

Recently, rapper and actress, Queen Latifah, has opened up about her plans to adopt a child and says she has already begun the process.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Queen Latifah, whose real name is Dana Owens, said that she has wanted to adopt since she was a teenager and became interested in being a parent after seeing a made-for-TV-movie.

“I think I saw one of those specials…you know those movies of the week,” Queen Latifah said on the View. “And it was like…I just always wanted to bring a child home.”

She went on to joke in the interview; “so if you got a kid that you don’t (want)…Just give me a year – let me set up camp and send me the kid.”

Obviously the above paragraph was said in a joking manner and should not be taken seriously, but everyone at Adoption STAR hopes that whatever agency Queen Latifah is working with will educate her about positive adoption language and that she will use her celebrity status to support positive adoption language and respect to expecting mothers and birth mothers.

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