Race Relations Resource

Adoption STAR’s Senovia Cuevas regularly listens to a new podcast about American race relations that might be of benefit to families that have adopted transracially (or hope to do so).
Throughout the past few months, issues surrounding race relations in America have dominated our media outlets. There is no escaping the coverage – from the Black Lives Matter movement to gentrification and beyond. Unfortunately, our views of these issues can be skewed my media outlets assigning broad labels to complex matters and broadcasting angry commentators debating these topics.

Educating ourselves on such topics is a continuous process that can sometimes feel overwhelming, as we have so many options available to access new information. However, podcasts are great resources! They are easily accessible and can be listened to in almost any environment.

I recently came across a brand new podcast that launched early this year that discusses race relations in America. The podcast is called “Our National Conversation about Conversations About Race” or “About Race” for short. Although the podcast is only a few episodes in, the commentators are truly amazing at providing a well-rounded discussion of complex issues related to race.

This podcast does a great job of challenging our public and personal perceptions, while encouraging listeners to continue these conversations with others. At the end of each podcast, they also provide listeners with additional resources to enhance our education about race relations in America.

“About Race” offers listeners an opportunity to learn about important issues affecting our nation in an entertaining way. Note, there is some explicit language occasionally used, but in a lighthearted and entertaining way. The three commentators consistently acknowledge that there is no singular view for the issues they discuss and are respectful of their diverse interpretations.

I encourage anyone who is interested in talking part in a productive conversation about race to take the time to listen to the “About Race” podcasts. More information can be found on their website.