Recommended Watching for Adoptive Families

A recent article talks about why the Disney Pixar film “Inside Out” is helpful to adoptive families.
As evidenced by countless blog posts and Facebook comments over the last several years, Adoption STAR has always been interested in the various portrayals of adoption-related themes in film. A June 22nd article entitled, “Why Inside Out Is A Must See Movie For Adoptive Families” appeared on the blog Portrait of An Adoption. A woman named Carrie Goldman wrote it, and it does a nice job of illustrating the potential value of the film. Incidentally, Carrie seems to allude to the fact that the film itself is not adoption-related per se, but has tremendous value when it comes to helping adoptees sort through the various mix of emotions they may have about being adopted and the idea of adoption in general.

Here is a link to the article: Why Inside Out Is A Must-See Movie For Adoptive Families