A-Z Glossary

Many adoption, foster care and child welfare vocabulary are subject to interpretation. This glossary identifies commonly held definitions for terminology that can be found in the field. It defines common acronyms and provides comprehensive definitions for a broad range of terms. The glossary will be updated as new terminology emerges in the field and as new legislation is enacted.

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Youthful Offenders
Yes Edit DeleteYouthful Offenders A minor who is convicted of a crime. The age requirements vary by state, but a youthful offender generally is between 8 and 18. Many states have special youth offender programs that may offer such services as secure detention, home detention, observation and assessment, secure facilities, work camps, diversion services, community programs, and case management. Youthful offenders may have committed crimes that if committed by an adult would constitute a misdemeanor or a felony. Some commit acts that are illegal only due to their age, which may include: running away from home, continually skipping school, using tobacco and alcohol, violating curfew and acting beyond the control of their parents.

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