Safer and Easier to Find Adoptive Families at Adoption STAR than on Facebook

By Michele Fried, Adoption STAR Founder & CEO

Michele Fried

When I got home from my overseas travels, I logged on to catch up with “adoption in the news” that I may have missed while being away. One recurring story that seemed to become viral was the story of a Pastor who was seeking a family to adopt a child who was expected to be born with Down Syndrome. He asked someone to post something on Facebook as he hoped the birth parents would consider adoption (rather than abortion) if they knew that their child would be wanted. It was no surprise to me that the Facebook post spread not only throughout the Catholic community but many other communities and gave hope to many who have been waiting to adopt a child with Down Syndrome.

As a mother of three adopted daughters with Down Syndrome, I know we are out there. I know that it is not only the baby with this specific disability that is desired but that there is a family for every child no matter the special needs. Adoption STAR has successfully found families for children with terminal illnesses in addition to very rare syndromes.

While I acknowledge that social media can help connect us with families open to considering the adoption of children with special needs and it has certainly aided our own searches for families especially because it may speed up the process of making such connections, we still must be wary of Internet connections and do the due diligence necessary. READ: Adoption and Social Media Besides making sure that each party is legitimate, we need to be sure to follow the various adoption laws and regulations of the States involved. READ: Adoption Laws in Your State

At Adoption STAR we reject the idea that any child is un-adoptable, and we work to remind everyone that there is a forever family for all children. In fact we host an annual fundraiser called Shining Star to raise much-needed funds and awareness about special needs adoptions. Please join us at our next event!

I hope in the future that Father Woude and others realize that rather than posting on social media sites, a telephone call or an email to Adoption STAR would provide not only immediate response, but with a choice of already approved adoptive families all of the country waiting to adopt children with and without special needs!

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