September is Baby Safety Month

JPMA-BabySafetyMonthLogoThe JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) has been sponsoring Baby Safety Month since 1983! Today’s blog post talks about this year’s campaign – Making Baby Safer, Room by Room.

The following information is taken from the JPMA’s press release regarding Baby Safety Month, dated 7/10/14:

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is pleased to announce Baby Safety Month 2014 – Making Baby Safer, Room By Room!

Creating a safe environment for your baby is the best thing you can do to ensure the first years are happy and healthy. Raising your bundle of joy takes care and knowledge. Being more aware of the products in and around your home is just another step in preparing for baby’s arrival and as baby grows.

Baby proofing your home is the most important thing you can do to ensure baby’s safety. Ideally, the best time to baby proof is early in your pregnancy before you register so you can include needed safety items on your registry list.

The best way to baby proof? Get down on your hands and knees and think like a baby! This is a great activity for both mom and dad since males and females tend to look at and inspect different aspects of the home and safety measures in general.

“Always at the forefront of the juvenile products industry, this year’s Baby Safety Month theme reflects JPMA’s commitment to educating parents on the safe selection and use of juvenile products,” remarked Julie Vallese, Managing Director of Government and Public Affairs for JPMA. “Making Baby Safer, Room By Room provides parents and caregivers with the best safety practices and prevention tips when it comes to raising a healthy baby in a safe home.”

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About Baby Safety Month – 
Baby Safety Month started in 1983 when JPMA initiated “Expectant Mother’s Day.” In 1986, it was extended to a weeklong celebration, until 1991, when JPMA sponsored the first “Baby Safety Awareness Month.” Since then, every September has been designated as Baby Safety Month.

About the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association – The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is a national trade organization of more than 250 companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico. JPMA exists to advance the interests, growth and well being of North American prenatal to preschool product manufacturers, importers and distributors marketing under their own brands to consumers. It does so through advocacy, public relations, information sharing, product performance certification and business development assistance conducted with appreciation for the needs of parents, children and retailers.

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