Share Your Writing With Adoption STAR

Our agency is actively looking for adoption-specific guest blog posts – send in your submission today!

blogThere’s no denying that everyone in the adoption community benefits when adoptive parents, birth parents, and adoptees take the time to share their stories. The insight and knowledge that’s gained when people share their “truths” is truly invaluable.

For over two decades now, blogging has provided an opportunity for a variety of folks to publicly share their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a more widespread (and more timely) fashion…and it hasn’t involved the sometimes cumbersome processes and systems associated with traditional print media. Adoption STAR has been using blogging successfully for a number of years now…and YOU have the potential to make it even more successful.

Please consider submitting your original piece of writing to Adoption STAR for posting on our blog. If you’re already an active blogger, please note that we’re looking to put your new material (not material already in existence and published via another entity’s website or your personal website, for example). We will, of course, give you full credit for your work, include any picture(s) and/or graphics you supply, and provide a link (or links) to your personal website, other pieces of writing you’ve done, etc.

While we cannot guarantee that all pieces submitted for review will be published, we do promise to review each and every piece we receive. Guest blog submissions can be e-mailed directly to Adoption STAR’s Associate Director Michael Hill at

Thank you for the consideration. Adoption STAR is excited at the prospect of providing a platform for more “adoption voices” to be heard via our agency blog.