Somewhere Between: A Great Film About International Adoption

This blog post was written by Adoption STAR International Adoption Coordinator, Megan Montgomery.

Trans-racial and trans-cultural adoption presents a family with challenges surrounding race, culture, and identity.  “Somewhere Between” is a film by Linda Goldstein Knowlton, an adoptive parent to a little girl from China, and her film follows four teenage girls also adopted from China.

In the film, each girl demonstrates their individuality in how they view themselves as Chinese and American.  They show us that there is no right or wrong when it comes to the complexity of identity formation; we are all unique in our experiences, feelings and resulting characteristics. And that is OK.

Having worked in International Adoption for a number of years I wanted to see the film to get a closer look at the youth who are living the adoption experience every day.  However, the depth of their journey’s is truly one we can all gain something from.

For a parent I think the film can help us to see life through the eyes of a teenager; reminding us that there are so many factors influencing who we become in life.  Or in the case of little Run Yi; a little girl who is brought to our attention by one of the teenage girls, we see just how very vulnerable the adopted child is.

Young adults who view the film will see how life presents different challenges to each one of us and that is it important to be respectful of each others differences.

I don’t want to ruin the film for anyone, so I won’t say more, other than if you are parenting a child through trans-racial or trans-cultural adoption, taking the time to see a film like “Somewhere Between”, that touches on these important issues, is worth your time.

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