Staff Training at Adoption STAR

Adoption STAR staff devoted themselves to a full day of training on Friday, May 15t as a part of the agency’s commitment to continuing education for all agency employees.

OJJDP_conf_Grace_Sue__TerrysmallAs a condition of employment, Adoption STAR requires its employees to show regular evidence of on-going professional development each and every calendar year. Adoption STAR’s Founder/CEO Michele Fried was first and foremost a teacher by trade, so her commitment to continuing education for staff is really no surprise.

While Friday’s full docket of training for staff featured a wide variety of topics, they were all be presented by one individual – Sue Badeau. Here’s a bit of information about Sue (as per her website).

“Susan Badeau (Sue) writes and speaks extensively on topics related to children, particularly those with special needs and is a frequent and passionate keynote speaker and workshop leader at state, regional and national conferences. Sue and her husband, Hector, are the lifetime parents of twenty-two children, two by birth and twenty adopted (three, with terminal illnesses, are now deceased). They have also served as foster parents for more than 50 children in three states, and as a host family for refugee youth from Sudan, Kosovo and Guatemala. Recently, their 35th grandchild and fourth great-grandchild were born. They have won numerous awards for their work, including being recognized by President Clinton with an ‘Adoption Excellence’ award, and receiving an ‘Angels in Adoption’ award from Congress – both of these awards were for their work on behalf of adoption and children in foster care.”

Adoption STAR was thrilled to have an expert like Sue on-site to train staff. Sue’s training topics for agency staff included:

  • Skill Building for Supervisors
  • Evolving Relationships in Adoption
  • Secondary Trauma and Self Care

A big THANK YOU to Sue for her willingness to travel to be here at Adoption STAR and to take the time to share the knowledge and wisdom she’s amassed over the years.