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As we gear up for the next ACE (Adoptee Circle of Experience) meeting – Tuesday, November 12 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm – we look at Adoption STAR’s commitment to offering support services to Adoptees at all ages and stages.

Adoption STAR provides support services to adoptees in a variety of ways, such as through counseling, a support group, referral to community services, referral to other counseling or therapeutic services.

If the adoptee desires to identify information to search out his/her birth relatives, the agency provides resources on searching locally and nationwide, referrals to search organizations, referrals to support groups and individual mentors.

Zack Fried
Zachary Fried

Adoption STAR founded and facilitates an adult adoptee support group called ACE: Adoption Circle of Experience and is appropriate for adult adoptees ages 18 and up in all types of adoption. Adoption is a very natural way a family is formed. Though adoption is often referred to as a triangle, or triad — adoptive parents, birth parents and the adoptee at each corner — Adoption STAR prefers to see it as a circle. The circle is a complete series forming a connected whole; a cycle. It encompasses a number of persons bound by a common tie; a family circle. An adoptee’s life is full of varying experiences. For some these experiences include security and stability, for others even if their adoption journey has been happy, it may include feelings of loss and separation. ACE is a comfortable group to share these experiences with. ACE hopes to enable all members to learn and grow from their experiences.

Although ACE is not a search group, there are resources available to help begin a search as well as support available from members of the group that have undergone a search themselves. Most importantly ACE, along with Adoption STAR, is able to provide the availability of others who understand the emotions and choices in seeking a birth family. A search may or may not be for everyone and ACE will respect one’s decision.

ACE hosts meetings, social events and provides information and referral. For more information on this support group or to become a member, please email

Christian Eshelman
Christian Eshelman

This group was originally organized by Christian Eshelman for Adoption STAR. Christian was adopted at the age of two in the early 1970’s. His personal experiences led him to want to "give back" to the adoption community and we are so glad to have him apart of the Adoption STAR family. When Christian is in the area, he continues to participate in ACE. Zachary Fried, another adult adoptee and an employee of Adoption STAR facilitates the group today.

November 12, Tuesday, 2013, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm, ADOPTEE CIRCLE OF EXPERIENCE
A.C.E.: Adoptee Circle of Experience is a support group for adult adoptees 18 and up. The meeting is held at the Adoption STAR office at 131 John Muir Drive, Amherst, NY 14228 or at another location as per announcement. Contact for more information or to RSVP.

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