Surviving Mother’s Day

The month of May can be a very exciting time in our area. Gray skies give way to sunshine and each day brings new beauty as flowers begin to break through after a long cold winter. Buds on trees seem to blossom before your eyes and mornings are announced with the songs of birds returning home. It feels fresh; like a new beginning.

But for a few, May is not so beautiful. Not so celebrated. Not so welcomed. Because May brings “that day”. The day that reminds you of the things you do not have. Maybe the one thing you want more than anything else. The day in which you would rather lie in bed than go to church where ministers will certainly preach their predicable messages. The day where, though you love the mothers in your life, staying home would just be easier.

Whether you have lost your mom, lost your child, placed your child or simply don’t yet have your child, we realize that Mother’s Day may be difficult for many. As we celebrate the mothers and children in our lives, we at Adoption STAR grieve with those who are hurting. Please know you are not forgotten. Give yourself permission to feel and forgive yourself if you can’t participate in some of the events that come with Mother’s Day. Give yourself the day, or even the week, to mourn. Then get back up.

And if you find yourself in a good place this Mother’s Day, please reach out to someone who might be hurting. You may be surprised to learn how far a simple gesture and a little compassion can go.