Take Action! The Adoption Tax Credit

Do your part to advocate for a REFUNDABLE adoption tax credit.
Our friends at the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC) have been working tirelessly to “get the word out” on why the adoption tax credit is important and what people can do to both protect and improve it. Please read what they have to say and consider taking action!

“A refundable adoption tax credit makes an enormous difference in terms of which families are able to claim it. Some families will never be able to adopt without the benefit of the adoption tax credit. Others will adopt, but won’t benefit at all, which may mean they face challenges meeting their children’s needs, particularly if they adopted a child who has special needs from foster care. If we increase low- and moderate-income families’ access to the credit, we make adoption possible for more waiting children. To ensure the adoption tax credit is promoting adoptions, we must ensure that more adoptive families are able to access it.

We are asking you to call, email, post on Facebook or Twitter, or otherwise contact your two Senators and your Representative to ask them to protect the adoption tax credit and make it refundable by becoming cosponsors of the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act. On the Senate side, ask them to become co-sponsors of S. 950. On the House side, the bill number is H.R. 2434.”

To learn more, check out the following link: http://adoptiontaxcredit.org/advocate/