Test Your Adoption Knowledge…Again

A few weeks ago I posted 5 questions from the Infant Adoption Awareness Training Program test that I took. Four people were brave enough to post their answers in the comments, and one person (Michelle McGriff) got all five of the questions correct.

Here are five more adoption questions (this time only 4 of them are from the official IAATP test, can you name the one that wasn’t?) Leave your answers in the comments section, and I will post the correct answers this afternoon.

1. Which statement indicates a healthcare and/or helping professional who recognizes how to control his/her personal values in adoption counseling:
a. “This is my opinion, but there are other options that you can choose from.”
b. “You might refuse information, but I’m here to support your decision.”
c. “There are many options, but it sounds like you have made your decision.”

2. What is the name of Luke Skywalker’s adoptive father?
a. Darth Vader
b. Obi-Wan Kenobi
c. Owen Lars

3. Relative adoptions are also referred to as
a. Household Adoption
b. In-Family Adoption
c. Kinship Adoption

4. Federal Legislation requires the delaying of a child’s adoption on the basis of race of the child or the foster/adoptive parents
a. True
b. False

5. Non-identifying information (medical and social history on each birth parent and their family) must be shared with adopting parents
a. True
b. False