Thanksgiving Traditions

Everyone family has their own Thanksgiving traditions. My family’s tradition consists of “my dad cooking the turkey, my mom and younger sister running the Turkey Trot, and me and my older sister sitting on the couch watching the Macy’s Day Parade and football….Everyone has their roles.”

Earlier this week we asked our Facebook followers what their favorite part of Thanksgiving was, and got these great answers:

Amanda S: “Pie!”

Erin L.: “Spending time eating a nice homecooked non rushed meal with my peanut!”

Brandy H.: “Being w/ family and eating GREAT food!!! Love Turkey!!!”

Belinda R.: “After everyone has eaten and we sit around the table and talk.”

Parker G.: “Saying a blessing over each of our beautiful girls. We do this once a week for Shabbat and we do it at each holiday meal.”

Michele S.: “At my families get together it is LOUD! But I love being with ALL the family!”

Dana L.: “Family”

What are your favorite parts of Thanksgiving?…