The Adoption Glossary

Adoption STAR has lots of great information for birthparents and adoptive parents, as well as expecting parents and prospective adoptive parents. While reviewing the website and learning more about the adoption journey you may come across terms that you are unfamiliar with, which is why Adoption STAR offers an extensive  adoption glossary where many terms are easily searchable.

These terms include medical phrases, adoption laws, general adoption phrases and much more. Please feel free to peruse the glossary by clicking on a specific letter, or if you know the exact term you’d like to learn more about, you can type the word or phrase into the search box on the top right corner of any website page and click “search.”

If there is a specific adoption phrase or term that you are unable to find in the glossary, please email Development Associate Kristin Ackerman, and we will work to find that definition for you and add it to the glossary.