The Adoption STAR Home Study Process

In order to adopt, either domestically or internationally, a family must first be approved by an adoption agency through a home study process. This blog post will familiarize you with the Adoption STAR home study.

Adoption STAR is HAGUE accredited and has both domestic and international adoption programs. The agency works with prospective adoptive families in New York, Ohio and Florida. Before being considered for an adoption match, a family must first become “home study approved.”

Those who live in Western New York are required to attend the five-week Adoption STAR Home Study educational classes. Prospective families who live outside of Western New York (including Ohio and Florida) must complete the adoption education credits on their own with the help of their Adoption STAR Family Advocate.

Besides the educational classes, prospective parents will also meet with a social worker and will fill out paperwork regarding financial records, criminal and medical history and more. Much of the paperwork is state-regulated.

Adoption STAR uses the home study process as an opportunity to get to know you and better assist you in exploring your adoption options. Prospective parents should use the home study process to learn more about trans-racial adoption, what health risks they may be willing to accept in a new born and open adoption. These are tough questions that your family advocate and/or home study social worker will help you work through.

For more information on the Adoption STAR home study process, please visit the home study section of the Adoption STAR website, email the agency or call 1(866)691-3300. If you’d like to read about the home study process from the clients perspective, please click here.