The Home Study Process

A Home study is a requirement for any family looking to grow their family through adoption. It is a document prepared by an agency social worker, which details the adopting families’ personal feelings and values surrounding raising a child.

Some issues that may be explored during an adoption study are:

–    The ability to provide for a child’s physical and emotional needs

–    Feelings about parenting an adopted child and the ability to make a commitment to a child placed in the home

–    Type of child family seeks to adopt

–    Family’s child rearing practices, experiences and beliefs

–    Information concerning marital relationship, emotional, and financial status, etc.

–    Description of the family’s home and community.

Adoption STAR believes that home studies should be viewed as an educational process to allow the clients and agency to get to know each other. Adoption STAR conducts their home studies in a way in which they are not viewed as just a “stamp of approval” to adopt.

If you would like more information on what Adoption STAR can provide to you throughout the home study process, visit the Adoption STAR website. You can also email the agency at or call the agency at (716)639-3900. If you are already with Adoption STAR and have questions about your specific home study process, feel free to contact your Adoption STAR Family Advocate at any time.