The Importance of Positive Adoption Language

As a member of the adoption journey, how do you react when some well-meaning person asks a question using some version of the phrase “giving a child up for adoption?” Do you correct them? Do you tell them that phrase is not only inappropriate but incorrect, explaining that birth parents don’t “give up their child for adoption,” but make loving and thoughtful adoption plans? Do you pick and choose your battles?

We have put together a two-page PDF which features “unconstructive” adoption terms along with “positive” adoption terms to replace them with. We hope this PDF will assist you, so that the next time you hear about “a foreign adoption,” if the situation is appropriate, you will advise the person that the correct term is “international adoption; and The next time you hear someone mention your “adopted child” you will remind them that your son or daughter is just that, and the “adopted” title is not necessary.

Adoption STAR prides itself on educating both prospective adoptive parents and expecting parents throughout their lifelong adoption journey, and that is just one way we differentiate ourselves from other agencies. The second page of the PDF looks at more examples, including the diversity of our clients, the support provided to all members of the adoption journey both pre-and-post-placement and much more.

To download the Positive Adoption Language PDF, please click here.

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