The Role of Race

Three white parents raising black and biracial children talk about current events and the role of race.

PrintLogo_edited-1KPCC, a public radio network in Southern California, featured an insightful story on 7/19/16 that’s bound to be of interest to individuals that are members of a multiracial family (or for folks that are considering transracial adoption). You can find a link to the full story here:

How white parents talk with their black and biracial sons about race

One of the two adoptive mothers featured in the story is a woman named Allison Moore. There’s a particularly good quote from her that explicitly points to the importance of pre-adoption education, a concept that Adoption STAR is wholeheartedly committed to (as evidenced by our agency’s mandatory pre-adoption education classes and the independent adoption education clients have to finish as a part of home study process):

“One of the benefits of being an adoptive parent is that you are given some resources ahead of time to say, you’re going to have to learn to give your child a vocabulary to talk about this stuff. You can’t wait for them to bring it up, you’re going to have to be the one who brings it up to give them permission to talk about it, to give them permission to ask questions, and race was no different for us.”