The Very Definition of Fate

A recent article/video via the Opera Winfrey Network (OWN) shares one couple’s unbelievable adoption story.
Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery found a gem of a story on the Internet, and happily shared it with the entire Adoption STAR team. It was first featured on the Huffington Post’s OWN-specific section of their website on 2/10/16, written by Lisa Capretto.

As you read the story and/or watch the associated video, you’ll certainly be struck by the bizarre twists of fate that are at the heart of it all. However, you might find yourself thinking about a variety of adoption-related themes. The one that really “stuck out” for several Adoption STAR staff members is something we talk about at the agency all the time: Birthparents NEVER forget about the children they place. While the decision to place a child for adoption is an incredibly selfless act, it is an experience that is a part of a person’s “story” forever. This reality becomes especially obvious given the interviews with the couple that’s featured in the story.

Here’s a link to the article/video: This Family’s Reunion Story Is The Very Definition Of Fate