Thinking of a name for the baby

benYou may have had a name in mind for your baby for a long time now. Or you may not have allowed yourself time to think about such a thing. Before you start naming your Addisonbaby, there are a few things you should consider:

  1. The expectant parents will be the ones to first name the baby. It doesn’t mean that you Charlotteneed to keep the name they give to the baby, however we ask that you sincerely consider keeping the name, or at least in some capacity. You will often find adopted children with two middle names!Devon
  2. If this is to be an open adoption and you are lucky enough to meet your child’s birth Emmaleeparents during the pregnancy, this is an excellent topic to discuss. Many of the children we placed have been named together by their birth parents and adoptive parents.
  3. Your child’s life does not start on the day you take him or her home, but rather it started before you even learned you were matched. It is a beautiful way to preserve your child’s biological heritage by asking the birth family to add to the Flynnname of the baby.
  4. Your last name is always given to the baby!Gianna