Trans-Racial Adoption Study

According to an article on, a recent study on trans-racial adoption found that “after six or more years of living in their different-race home, children adjusted as well as their same-race-adoption counterparts.”

When beginning your adoption journey with Adoption STAR, an important question we will ask you to consider is “how open are you and your family to trans-racial and trans-cultural adoption?”

In a trans-racial or trans-cultural adoption, it is important to integrate your child’s birth background and culture into your family. Some ways to do this are living in an area, or sending your child to a school where he/she will meet people of the same culture or background, eating at ethnic restaurants, and attending cultural events.

In all adoptions it is important to be open from the start. You can start at an early age reading children books about adoption at bed time, and answering questions they may have as your child grows. If you would like more information on talking with your child about his/her adoption, your Adoption STAR family advocate will be able to help.

The article features Ann Costello and Anthony Ciaccia, who adopted their son James from Korea. According to the article, Ann and Anthony have always been open with James, who is now heading off to college, about his adoption. Ann said in that article that “We never pushed him to ‘be Korean,’ but rather let him set his own pace and the extent to which he wanted to be involved.” She went on to say that they celebrated James’ heritage by going to Korean events in the community, enrolling him in Tae Kwon Do and eating at Korean restaurants. She said the family plans to visit South Korea as well.

Adoption STAR has a five-week Pre-Parenthood Adoption Education class that covers many topics, including your child’s identity and common issues related to adopting a child who looks different from his/her parents. If you would like more information on trans-racial adoption please email the agency , call us at (716)639-3900, or fill out our contact form.