Traveling for the Adoption STAR Adoptive Family Picnic

This Sunday, August 7, Adoption STAR will be holding its annual adoptive family picnic at Ellicott Creek Park, shelters 10A and 10B, from 1-4 pm. All Adoption STAR adoptive families as well as prospective families are encouraged to attend.

Suzette and her partner Diana travelled from the New York city area to attend the picnic last year with their daughter Charlet. Suzette said they came to Buffalo for the picnic to meet with other adoptive families and had heard there would be other families from the New York area there as well.

“We got to meet friends who we keep in contact with. The kids were able to separate and do activities with the other kids,” Suzette said about their experience at the picnic.

Another one of Suzette’s favorite aspects of the picnic was the chance for Charlet to see and play with other children who were adopted. Suzette said that it was important for Charlet to see that she is not alone and that there are many other children who were adopted just like her.

“The fact that there was a huge volume of children who were adopted, that is not an everyday occurrence,” Suzette said.

While it was important for Suzette and Diana to have Charlet interact with all of the other children, Suzette said they also appreciated speaking with other parents and learning how they handed different situations they had encountered.

“It’s definitely worth the trip. It’s a very informal and very relaxed environment. (You can gain) a lot more perspective in a celebratory occasion then in classes or reading books.”

We would love to see all of the Adoption STAR adoptive families and prospective adoptive families at the picnic. If you would like to attend, please call (716)639-3900 or email to RSVP.