UPDATE – Lawsuit Filed by Same-Sex Married Parents and Adoption STAR Seeks to End Discrimination on Birth Certificates

Adoption STAR LogoOn March 3rd of this year, we published a blog post that talked about how Adoption STAR and several same-sex married parents had filed a lawsuit against the state of Ohio to end discriminatory practices related to the issuance of birth certificates.

We’re happy to report that there have been some incredibly positive developments as it relates to a ruling on the lawsuit itself, as outlined in this article published in the Toledo, Ohio-based newspaper the Blade.

Adoption STAR is proud to be a partner in this endeavor, along side some of our very own clients that were a part of this lawsuit, too.  The “STAR” part of our name is an acronym for Support, Training, Advocacy and Resources.  From our perspective, being a part of this lawsuit is an extension of the “A” in “STAR,” as undertaking advocacy work on behalf of our clients is something we take very seriously.