Update On Past Story About Man Who Adopted His Girlfriend

Last year Adoption STAR reported on the case of Polo tycoon John Goodman who adopted his girlfriend.

The Florida case burst into the media with allegations that Goodman was intending to adopt his girlfriend not to create a parent-child relationship but rather to permit her to receive one-third of a trust fund immediately since she is over 35. The trust funds for Goodman’s two children reportedly contain more than $200 million.

One year later, we update you on this case. In March a Florida court revoked the adoption of Goodman’s girlfriend saying it was simply a scheme to obtain millions of dollars to assist in his legal fees.

The money in question is in a trust that was arranged for Goodman’s children and former wife. Goodman was found guilty of DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of his 2010 traffic accident in which a 23-year-old was killed in 2012. He was granted a new trial on May 3, 2013.

While adult adoptions are legal, they are meant to provide the same security that child adoption is… establishing a healthy, legal parent-child relationship.

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