Utilizing Interns in the Non Profit Field

In today’s blog post, we meet two of Adoption STAR’s intern and explore their work and training at the agency.

Much like teaching hospitals, Adoption STAR is proud that the staff includes student interns. As an organization that values education, the inclusion of student interns has been a special experience for the student, staff and clients of the agency.

Stephanie Velez

Stephanie Velez, MSW

Stephanie Velez Bio

Stephanie is our MSW Intern this year. She will be graduating with a dual degree of Bachelor’s of Arts and Master’s in Social Work from the University at Buffalo.

Each year there is at least one Master’s level social work intern and at times there have been interns in various programs for one or more semesters, including an international student for a summer internship. These students add a wonderful culture to the professional team and The Agency is excited to be a popular choice for local universities and colleges, such as the State University of New York at Buffalo and Daemen College as a learning site for their students. The Agency’s interns are subject to the same training requirements that are required of the full time employees. In addition, all of the interns sign confidentiality pledges and complete exhaustive background checks before they are cleared to work at Adoption STAR.

Stephanie Velez

Elizabeth Vaughn, BSW INTERN

Elizabeth Vaughn Bio

Elizabeth is a BSW intern this year in the Ohio Adoption STAR office. She will be graduating with her Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work from Miami University.

It is not uncommon for clients to be contacted by a student intern or assigned to a student intern for purposes of a home study or other adoption work. Applicants will be in good hands with a student intern and at no time is a client file assigned to an intern because a Family Advocate did not have time for them. It actually is quite the opposite. The Agency is identifying learning opportunities for the interns and it is a University requirement to provide internships where students are assigned their own clients to follow and to have clinical experiences.

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