Vital Reading for Adoptive Parents

A recent on-line article offers a “suggested reading” list for adoptive parents.
Before becoming an adoption professional, Adoption STAR CEO/Founder Michele Fried was first a teacher. As a result, the importance of adoption education is a very “core belief” here at Adoption STAR. Whether you’re a prospective adoptive parent anxiously awaiting placement, a birth parent looking for support, or an adoptee looking for understanding, a commitment to education through reading is bound to be beneficial.

With that in mind, a HuffPost Parents article entitled “15 Essential Reads for Adoptive Parents,” dated 4/5/16 and written by Kyli Singh, is worth a look. It’s a great list of articles, blog posts, interviews, and more. Thought provoking and comprehensive, we feel as though these suggested reads might be of help, so check them out via the following link:

15 Essential Reads For Adoptive Parents

Also, please keep in mind that Tapestry Books is a tremendous resource for highly acclaimed, adoption specific literature. Whether you’re looking for books, articles, videos or expert viewpoints from adoption professionals, Tapestry Books is a leading resource for those touched by adoption and looking to learn more.