Waiting to be Matched

Waiting to be matched with an expecting family can be a stressful period for prospective adoptive parents, but it doesn’t always have to be. The trick is to remain active and busy; this is a great time to educate yourselves about parenting and the adoption process.

We recently asked our Facebook followers how they spent their time while waiting to be matched, and got some great responses:

– Belinda R: “I tried to stay busy, but I have to admit I shopped for baby items that were on sale. Clothes, diapers etc.”

– Janet R.: “Meeting other STAR families. Now we get together for play dates!”

– Dana S.: “Took painting classes and started to paint to keep my mind busy. I became a pretty good artist! LOL!”

– Lynn M.: “We were blessed! The first time was only a few short months and the second…well, that was a wonderful surprise!”

– Stephanie R.: “I have been taking Karate class to keep busy.”

– Jennifer G.: “I exercised to relieve stress, and shopped for baby items :)”

If you are looking for more information on waiting, adoptive mother, Lesa Quale Ferguson, recently wrote a two-part blog post on her experiences while waiting to be matched, that all waiting parents can learn from. Adoption STAR also wrote a blog post for our old blog, that listed “25 ways to wait to be matched.

Remember, your Adoption STAR family advocate is always available to help you through any challenges you may be having and to answer any questions. If you would like to contact Adoption STAR, please do so by email email or by calling us Toll-Free at 1(866)691-3300.