What does National Adoption Month Mean To You

Yesterday we asked our Facebook followers to fill in the blank: “National Adoption Month is a time to __________” and we received a lot of great responses. I would like to share all of these responses on the blog for those readers that are not following us on Facebook. For those of you that are on Facebook and aren’t following us, well it takes two seconds to do so and we’re a fairly competitive group here so we love it when those “like” numbers rise.

National Adoption Month is a time to ________:

Laura G.: “Be thankful.”

Rachel Z.: “Aw dang that’s exactly what I was gonna write XD so—a time to look back on all your happy memories.”

Florence P.: “Celebrate!”

Emily K.: “Be joyful & reflective.”

Jody W.: “Reflect and Support ALL sides of the adoption triad.”

Sarah C.: “What a great month to celebrate adoption! I give thanks to adoption STAR for providing such wonderful workers…and my mom for being my rock!!”

Adam and Emily’s Adoption Journey: “Educate friends and family about what adoption is and is not!”

Tamara L.: “Adopt my Olesya from Russia.”

Mosey M.: “Support those who are still waiting… Send a letter/contact birthparents… Continue to strengthen your forever family (go roll in the leaves…)”

How would you answer the question?