Zayne is Waiting for a Family

Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery writes about a little Bulgarian boy in need of a “forever family.”
Zayne is an almost 2-year-old little boy from Bulgaria who is paperwork ready to join his family! He is described as a happy and interactive little boy diagnosed with VACTER-Association.

If you are not familiar with Zayne’s diagnosis, you can learn more here: VACTERL association: What is VACTERL association? or here: Cincinnati Children’s VACTERL or VATER Association.

We recently received a number of adorable photos and videos of him. Zayne is observed to play with toys, turns over from his back to stomach and sits well with support.

Zayne seems ready to move and play – While he is not yet walking independently, he does get around in a walker. He makes attempts to crawl, plays peek-a-boo and manipulates toys.

Socially, Zayne tries to engage others, appears to distinguish between familiar people and strangers, and vocalizes and pronounces syllables.

He is reportedly a calm sleeper and currently eats through a g-tube.

A grant has been started for Zayne on Reece’s Rainbow.

If you wish to learn more about Zayne, please reach out to our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomery at

To learn more about our Bulgaria program, see our website: Bulgaria Adoption Program